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Yes there is a cure for cancer that has been secretly kept from the public since 1975…I am sorry to tell everyone that has had a family member or one of their children die just because Pharmaceutical Corporations have been


preventing this information from being released to our Citizens…I feel it is time to try to get this information out to as many Humans with a reading education and can comprehend what I am telling them with this Post…

I’m sure the people that work for St. Judes Children Hospital and The Cancer Center don’t even know about this information or are not allowed to speak of this or are really undereducated on the Truth about Hemp Oil…Maybe the people that read this should go to The University Of Cannabis and take a course or two on Hemp and the Cures of Hemp… is also a great place for information…

From more than 1,000 years before the time of Christ until 1883 A.D., cannabis hemp, indeed, marijuana was our planet’s largest agricultural [2]crop and most important industry, involving thousands of products and enterprises; producing the overall majority of Earth’s fiber, fabric, lighting oil, paper, incense and medicines. In addition, it was a primary source of essential food oil and protein for humans and animals.

Hemp could help our Planet end the hunger and food problem here on Earth…

If you care about your Family members and your friends, Please watch this short Video and then Study the information I have furnished for you here on One Thousand Minds..