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Hello, welcome to the Southern Alliance For Medical Marijuana/S.A.M.M. initial donation site. We are a newly forming organization based in Tennessee. Our goal is to assist activists and lawmakers in creating Compassionate Care laws in each Southern State in the U.S. Currently there are NO southern states with laws to protect medical marijuana users. In most of our states, a single plant, grown for medicinal purposes, is considered a felony and comes with a minimum prison sentence of 2+ years.

As soon as enough donations are collected, you will be notified of our brand new site that will be located at Currently, donations will be used for the website initialization and filing for 501 (c) status. If you are making a donation today, please note that we have NOT applied for 501 (c) status.

Please contact us if you have skills to volunteer @

Thank you in advance for your donation.

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The Southern Alliance for Medical Marijuana seeks donations for non profit alliance!

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